The Right Maneuver

Available in paperback and ebook format.

Philly-native Keisha Reynolds is a smart, spunky, sexy campaign manager who is not easily intimidated by a challenge. But even Keisha knows when she’s in over head after she agrees to help head the campaign of her old college professor Dr. Sydney Parker — a man whom she deeply respects but who is a long-shot win for the congressional seat. The intense campaign takes its toll on the inexperienced campaign manager and after a while, Keisha hopes just to make it to Election Day with her sanity and confidence intact. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse when she crosses paths with the competition, William Blake, the deputy campaign manager of the seemingly invincible incumbent, Congressman Vincent Dupré. She despises Will but she can’t deny that she feels an overwhelming attraction toward the man, who is as good looking as he is egotistical and seemingly devious. She tries her best to deny the magnetism she feels toward him, but knows she is fighting a losing battle that could lead her to make a big mistake that will cost Parker the election. But Keisha soon discovers that it isn’t only lust she has to worry about. Politics can be an ugly game and during the election, an earth-shattering secret is revealed that will shake her to her very core.


“The world of politics makes an exhilarating and cut-throat backdrop to this romance. Loyal campaign managers for competing candidates make a unique pairing as they navigate the shark-infested waters of love and politics.” —Romance Times

“Ms. Childers has written a story that gives you some insight into the fast-paced world of DC politics.  I enjoyed it and I recommend it.” —Romance in Color

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