A Love Built to Last

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Whatever Melody Cannon wants, Melody Cannon gets — or least that has been the case for the past eight years. The famous Hollywood stylist is used to giving orders, but when Melody takes an early retirement from Tinseltown and returns home to Washington, D.C., to start a new life, she encounters the irresistible force known as Clayton Reed, a local architect whom she hires to design her new abode.

Clayton can think of many words to describe Melody, his childhood nemesis who is now his new client. Unfortunately, none of those words are good. He’s a patient man, but even he can’t control his temper around her. Despite his dislike for the bossy, hot-tempered vixen, Clayton still feels drawn under her spell. As he designs her new home, he gradually breaks down the defensive walls she has built around her with a passion and love she has never known.


“… it was a really good read” — Night Owl Reviews

“A Love Built to Last was an excellent read!… She made all the characters so realistic and lovable. She does a wonderful job of intertwining the different story lines. Her writing also just flows without having lagging moments. A Love Built to Last was a story that kept you entertained from start to finish.” — Urban Reviews

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