Another Woman’s Man, Book 3

The Gibbons Gold Diggers Series

Dawn Gibbons is shocked when her long-lost father reappears in her life. Seriously ill, his dying wish is to reconnect with her. But for Dawn, it’s complicated—her wealthy father comes complete with jealous relatives—and a handsome young lawyer Dawn finds dangerously sexy. Dangerous because he’s engaged—to her newfound half-sister. One thing a Gibbons woman doesn’t do is steal her sister’s man. Yet for the first time, Dawn may care about love more than money…

Xavier Hughes isn’t easily thrown, but the electricity between him and Dawn leave him unsettled. And when his suspicious fiancé insists he investigate Dawn’s background, it only pushes him closer to the one woman he should resist. Soon, holding back isn’t an option, and both Xavier and Dawn will have to face the consequences of breaking the family rules…

*Nominated for an NAACP Image Award in Category of Literary Fiction*


“The dialogue is engaging and fits each character like a designer suit. Ellis’ characters range from preposterous to straitlaced, from gold diggers to philanthropists and from honorable to scumbags. When you reach the climax, all you can say is, ‘Oh, my goodness!’ Another Woman’s Man is a fast-paced and very gratifying story.” — 4 stars, RT Book Reviews

“Realistic voices and interesting sidebars mark this story as a solid addition to all romance collections.” – Library Journal

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